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Dream Dorm
I thought this would be a good opportunity foe me to write about my time in Australia.

Can’t believe that I was almost a year ago I arrived in Sydney and met Brain, Kym and Rich for the first time. Sometimes it feels like years and years ago but then it sometimes feels like yesterday we were all sitting around the table getting told about our Working Holiday Visa conditions and requirements.

When Brian and Rich were last together on the Whitsundays I remember I asked the boys if they could pick their ‘Dream Dorm’ who would be in it and give the reasons why. I think by the time we got around to me we were all pretty wasted so I thought I would tell you guys mine.
So the conditions are this:

10 bed dorm

Have to have spent quality time with that person (not just because she is fit)

Have valid reasons, e.g. Kym because she gets drunk easily and tells me how much she loves me.

Ok so after thinking hard here is my ‘Dream Dorm’:

Brian Denmark USA My closest friend out here and couldn’t imagine him not being there.

Kym Hill UK As I said she makes everyone feel great and is great company and fun

Rich Howell UK I just look at Rich and laugh, genuinely one of the nicest guys I’ve met

Krystal Young AUS For obvious reasons but someone I would never get fed up being with

Steffas McCourt UK For her random outbursts and sexual conquest stories...priceless

Lisa Wernigg SA Didn’t get to know her until the end of Fraser Island but great company

Mow Jwad UK One of the funniest/wittiest guys I’ve ever met, only smiling

Sarah Goosen SA First crush in Australia, likes to party hard but looks after me when I’m drunk

Leah Blezard CAN Felt like I had a little sister when I was with her and would do anything to make sure she was alright.

Drew/Nicole Gillet USA Technically 2 but couldn’t not have them here. Made out Whitsunday trip that much more enjoyable with their games and banter. Lovely couple.

So there you have it, my top ten people from my last year in Australia.
So about an hour outside Christchurch now. Currently writing this post in the air as no in-flight entertainment so I thought I’d be true to my word about updates.

In a funny sort of way I’m lowing making my home now....kind of...well maybe not but feels like it as I’m going to be on the move as opposed to being settled like I was in Adelaide for the past 6 months.

Looking forward to seeing Rich tomorrow, can’t wait to get into the old routine.


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