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Weekend Update
Headed to the Nelson Markets today which were located outside the hostel and it was good fun. Always like to see local companies’ show-off their products as they are all unique and personal. Didn’t buy anything but impressed by the warmth of the NZ people, very sociable and very interested about our time here and what we had planned.
After that Rich and I took a 3k hike up to the centre of New Zealand. Now I find this interesting and here is my reason why. This particular centre is located on top of the largest hill closest to the city centre in Nelson. Now to me, the chances of being the dead centre of NZ on the top of this hill are slim to none so I was wondering if it was maybe around this hill area and they just decided to claim it from there. Just find it hard to believe that out of how big the town is the centre is located on top of the largest hill. Anyway, who gives a shit!
Had a quiet night tonight as up at 6.45am tomorrow morning for our trip to the Tasman National Park.
Catch ya

Going to keep this short and brief.
Just completed a 12k hike through the Tasman National Park. Luckily we got great weather so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the beaches are the best I’ve ever seen.
Rich and I also made 12 sandwiches the night before to make sure we had plenty of snacks to keep us going.
Good day and good exercise too. Off to Greymouth tomorrow for 1 night before heading to Franz Joseph Glacier.
Life is good.


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